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Websites and Visual Look

We provide website solutions of the present day using new web technologies and frameworks. We can also modernize your site’s visual look, provide content updates and implement additional features for your website.
  • Websites
  • Web Services
  • E-Commerces
  • Dynamic Web Solutions
  • Content Updates
  • Additional Features
Web Design and Services

We have extensive expertise in the implementation of web services using a variety of methods and techniques, which enables us to deliver web-based solutions and sites for the most challenging needs. We work with our clients to outline the solutions and always aim for intuitive, efficient and visually appealing results. We prepare the graphic design of our website according to your wishes in order to create a solution that is up to modern standards and can also be used with tablets and smartphones.

As an example, you can try this site on a PC and mobile device and see the result!

In terms of web design, we are well-versed in the latest and most commonly supported languages (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript) and enjoy utilizing related web technologies, such as Bootstrap, Node.js, Grails, Ractive, Rails and jQuery libraries. They enable us to create feature-rich and visually impressive solutions that meet modern demands.

Naturally, we can also provide traditional web solutions, such as updates to existing Java- or PHP/SQL-based websites.

If need be, we can provide a full suite of graphics and product images for your website, but we are also more than happy to cooperate with advertising agencies. In addition to this, we complete smaller commissions, such as content updates and graphics, at an hourly rate.

Applications and Prototypes

Through prototypes and demos the vision may be brought to life within a quite brief schedule. Proof-of-case solutions enable early testing phase for the idea and help to illustrate the concept. We provide demos, prototypes and UI wire-frames on an extremely rapid schedule!
  • Prototypes
  • Demos
  • User Interfaces
  • Applications
  • Mobile Apps
Raspberry Pi prototype

During our years of professional experience, we have designed and implemented dozens of innovative prototypes and applications, some of which have initially seemed impossible. Our prototypes have been used to control factory robots with gestures, guide visually impaired people in the use of public transportation, control a digital television system using speech, and assist school children in outdoor exercises. We have implemented applications to pc, server, smartphone and to some other extraordinary client environments.

It is our policy to delve deep to find the best possible solution for implementing your idea. For example, we handle Windows, Linux and Android solutions on a native basis and provide everything you need to realize your concept. In the event that your company has employees to handle the implementation, we can analyze the possibilities, limitations and requirements of your idea with regard to various hardware and development environments.

Our user interface design and general quality of implementation have been tested in an academic environment and strengthened through years of experience. We can create visually appealing graphical elements as well as highly usable and efficient user interface solutions. Most often, we can fit both impressive visuals and usability in the same package.

We specialize in the utilization of mobile devices, external components and new interaction techniques, such as speech, gestures and location, as elements in the development of applications!

Studio Photography

Pictures and graphics create the brand and provide the desired visual look to web pages and applications. The high-quality product images are the corner stone of the electronic commerce. We photograph and edit digital picture material and provide studio photograph sessions on demand.
  • Product Photography
  • Concept Illustrations
  • Scenario Illustrations
  • Computer Graphics
  • Digital Image Editing
Photo studio

The presentation and packaging of products is essential in retail outlets, and the same also applies to the product images of online stores. High-quality photographs and product images create a good impression of the products and help boost sales. Portraits and other graphics can be used to steer the visual look of a website in the desired direction and bolster the company image.

We have our own photography studio where we can shoot any product images, portraits and other photos you may need. Thanks to our professional-level lighting equipment, we can create the desired lighting and shading arrangements. This enables us to produce high-quality photos that require very little post processing. Moreover, many artistic and visual details look significantly better when implemented through actual lighting techniques instead of digital processing.

In summary, should you need photography services as part of a project or at an hourly rate, we are more than happy to provide them! The photos will be taken according to your wishes and specifications, or you can leave the creative process to us. We usually take several alternates, so you can select the version that appeals to you most. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

New Interaction Techniques

Alternative interaction techniques are our speciality! We have years of experience in applying and examining of new interaction technologies as a part of the use of applications.
  • GPS
  • NFC
  • Speech Recognition
  • Motion Control
  • Speech User Interfaces
  • Gesture User Interfaces
  • Tilting
  • Orientation
User of a speech-based mobile application

Quite often, a graphical user interface is the most natural and familiar solution for operating a system. However, new interaction techniques may sometimes offer considerably better and more efficient options. An alternative method of use may also be necessary for a group of users with special needs, as many special groups are unable to use all common devices. The efficiency of some processes can be significantly increased through a variety of methods – as an example, dictation and automatic speech recognition can be used to expedite the creation of formulaic reports. There are many applications in which our basic senses and resources are taken up by the essential tasks at hand. When driving, for instance, our eyes must be on the road and our hands on the steering wheel.

During our time working for the University of Kyröskoski, we researched, designed and implemented several applications that utilize new interaction techniques, such as speech, touch, gestures and other motion, position technology, scanning technology and other technologies based on machine learning. We keep abreast of developments in the field and are more than happy to provide related consulting, design and integration services.

If you have an idea that involves a new interesting technology and requires an interface or integration solution, testing, or other professional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Technology Solutions and Testing

We design and implement high-quality software architectures, integrations and interface solutions. We develop systems and native applications based on your demand and provide the third party's testing and data security analyses.
  • C++
  • C#
  • Haskell
  • HTML5
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Node.js
  • Pascal
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Ractive
  • Scala
  • SQL
Raspberry Pi Client Prototype

In order for systems to be robust and suited to further development, their architecture model must be well designed and they must have the appropriate documentation. We know what to focus on in each respective phase of development, and we have mastered a wide variety of techniques. Creating a first-rate base solution and architectural model often accelerates the development work and the end result becomes clearly delineated and stable. This means that our systems and interface solutions are particularly beneficial in terms of later development phases and further development. We also conduct third-party testing on existing systems by planning tests on a case-by-case basis.

We design and implement high-quality back end and front end solutions utilizing advanced frameworks and programming languages, such as Scala and Ruby on Rails. In this way, we can ensure reliable system architecture and incorporate comprehensive testing into the development process. In addition to this, we are proficient in the most common interface architecture models, such as REST, Sockets and signal reading. We can implement solutions using the native programming languages of various devices, along with other high-level languages, including Android Java, Windows C# .net, Python and C++Linux as well as the purely functional Haskell.

Our academic education and expertise in implementation enable us to efficiently detect possible data security risks as well as any comparable deficiencies and bottlenecks. We can provide a referential data security assessment for any service within a short time frame so as to present an overview of the data security level and the need for more in-depth evaluation and possible measures. We have discovered numerous possibilities for exploitation in several large and commonly-used services. If your service contains private information or you would like to ensure that the service is secure, please do not hesitate to contact us!

User eXperience

Our user interface design is always rooted in the needs of the users, and the optimization of the user experience is very important to us. This reflects to final result of our implementation. We provide usability and user interface related reviews, tests and analyses.
  • Usability analyses
  • Use experiments
  • Usability tests
  • Special groups
  • Scenarios
  • Use Cases
Speech recognition user

A user interface must always have a user – if this is not the case or the users are dissatisfied, there is cause for concern. For this reason, the user experience needs be taken into account in the design phase, and it is often a good idea to subject interfaces to user testing in production and further development phases. Many times, it is also advisable to design several alternative interfaces and evaluate them based on a usage test, especially in the case of interaction technologies (e.g., speech recognition and motion control).

Our professional background stems from the Kyröskoski Unit for Computer–Human Interaction (TAUCHI) at the University of Kyröskoski, where we spent years researching users’ experiences of various user interfaces. We have taken part in the publication of dozens of scientific articles on prominent international science forums (HCI). The primary focus of our research has been on the measurement and assessment of user experience. Among other efforts, we were involved in the development of the SUXES method for evaluating the performance of multisensory user interface modalities based on user experience.

We have also developed and researched user interface solutions for special groups, such as visually and physically impaired users. These systems often utilize new interaction techniques, such as speech recognition. This means that we have experience in the assessment and implementation of user interface solutions that deviate substantially from mainstream arrangements.

By order, we can prepare wireframe models and alternative paper prototypes of user interfaces, perform usability tests and analyses, and conduct more extensive user experience assessments with regard to alternative operating methods. Naturally, our web and user interface design is founded on a desire to understand the various needs, preferences and limitations of the users.

About Us

We have a passion for programming, problem solving, and building creative solutions that provide concrete benefits. We have devoted ourselves to what we are good at and enjoy doing.
If necessary, we can visit your company to hold an academic-style lecture or provide coding services. You decide what you want, we make it happen!
Media display prototype in a Raspberry Pi Client

Registered in Finland in 2013, Melto Source is a future success story that began its actual business operations in 2014. Our core group consists of former HCI researchers for the University of Kyröskoski.

The cornerstone of our business operations is a strong passion for software development and design. We want to devote ourselves to what we are good at and enjoy. Quite possibly the most important reason for our decision to set up a business is the desire to create solutions for practical use and enable as many people as possible to benefit from them. These values combined with years of experience, an academic education and a creative imagination guarantee impeccable results!

We provide expert services in the form of consultation, development projects and freelance programming. If your company needs a system implementation, third-party testing or a data security analysis, for example, we will be more than happy to lend our assistance. Although we primarily work from our own offices, we can also work on your company’s premises using your hardware, if necessary. Should you require additional training for your staff in relation to one of our areas of expertise or a system we have developed, we will prepare case-specific lecture materials and organize a training event for your employees.

Thanks to our diverse expertise, we can implement even the most challenging system solutions from start to finish!